realUNreal YAMAGUCHI Yozo

April 17, 2013


Museum— Works of art are always there and people are coming in and going

out. Their various thoughts, private interests and views about a work, are

always wavering. Permitting  them, I dream of the [MUSEUM] to be

appearing —a  place  redefined  by our own necessity.


Museum is public, educational and  authentic  place , which has some

functions to inform audience  how to see the works, the history of art by

using a lot of exhibits.

The collection of the works makes the ‘history’ of art, so the mission of

the museum is to collect the better works.


But, originally, collecting something is very personal. When that kind of

collection is open to the public, it will be shared by everyone .The place

where people can find the works they think really necessary or believe

really valuable—that is ‘museum.’

Museums in Japan gradually realize that kind of situation, but it is far

from perfect.

The gap between the museums and ‘I’— thinking about museum is thinking

about democracy.



YAMAGUCHI Yozo, Curator, Fukuoka Art Museum

Artists : Jun’ya Yamride,Koji Abe