July 23, 2013


The “Teapot” is wheel-thrown and paddled stoneware body with hand formed spout and lid, applied slips and engobes. Pete said he made it in the mid fifties at Otis and wood fired it at Peter Callas’ Piermont, NY anagama kiln in 1989. So it is signed and dated on base, Voulkos ’89. It was exhibited in Chicago early 1984 and Braunstein, SF in 2009.

Voulkos, Teapot White photo Voulkos, Vase White photo


The “Vase” is stoneware, wheel thrown and slab construction with slip-stenciled and brushwork drawings, slips/engobes and glaze, and gas fired. Also made at Otis in LA in the 50’s, signed and dated on base, Voulkos ’57. 11″ high x 7″ x 6″. Same provenance, except it was in Pete’s first wife’s