December 1, 2014




Opening Reception: Thursday, October 16th 5 30PM – 7 30PM

Refusalon gallery is pleased to announce it’s upcoming solo exhibition of photographer Allan Gerson’s work. This exhibition focuses on photographs taken in the Sahara desert, and they are now, in the Royal Collection in Rabat. The photographs are abstracts in color and tone, and at times reminds  one of painting. Refusalon is displaying eighteen prints from the new Sahara series, four from the old Sahara collection and an additional four images from the rain series.

Gerson’s photographs are in the permanent collections of the International Photography Hall of Fame Museum, the University of Mississippi Art Museum and the Morocco Royal Palace in Rabat. Through his profession, Allan was constantly traveling, allowing him a view of the world –as  photographers often do.

DE-LUX(e) is a group exhibition of local and international artists whose work elucidates the concept of the inexplicable attraction between artist and viewer as mediated by the art object. Themes such as freedom of expression, art as media, the culture of silence and the scope of contemporary art on a worldwide and multicultural plane emerge as threads which bind these artists’ work together.

The exhibition’s name plays with the duality of meaning which is extracted from 

de·lux(e): lux (the latin word for light). Or, deluxe, the prior references the immense role of light in art, and how imperative lighting is to the artist. The latter refers to the constant lush nature of the various works, despite their differing mediums and styles.

Through this collection of artists, refusalon aims to embrace the interconnected nature of contemporary life, mechanisms of desire and global events. The ultimate goal is to authenticate the root forces that accumulate and coalesce leading to an artist’s unique creative vision.

Camilla West – scandinavian’s views. Shiri Mordechay – story board / large wall drawing. Jack Leamy – paintings. Pino Signoretto – Glass Food. Maya Smira – space photos. Mie Hørlyck Mogensen – stuffed vinyl pieces. Sandro Chia, Elisabeth Ajtay,and Ron Hutt.


Spacial thanks to curatorial assistance Natalie De La Torre, and PR master Samara Diapoulos