Provisional Haven

April 1, 2015

Provisional Haven

Guest Curator: Anna Novakov

Featuring works by Yin-Ju Chen, Felipe Dulzaides, Ana Teresa Fernandez, Ron Hutt, Jennifer Locke, Sabina Ott, Bijan Yashar and Michelle Wasson.
Due to content, show is in 2 locations; 500 post and LAIR, China Town.

The current San Francisco exhibition, Provisional Haven, contributes to the timely dialogue about technology and alternative art spaces. Provisional, references the current moment and temporary, fleeting sites. Haven suggests that art is a timeless sanctuary and refuge for both artists and viewers. The eight artists in the exhibition all engage with temporary, momentary spaces as well art as a haven for the unbound imagination. Anna Novakov’s curatorial point of view is the continually evolving role of technology and alternative spaces in contemporary art-making.

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