April 20, 2013


The show at 24SEVEN consists of 4 glass artists and a painter who celebrate the mastery of  glass as art, as the state of mind, the transparency that transpires it. “Fire Workers” dual with the internal infernal truth of the burning fire, fractal connection between the pride and the ego. Now, let your curiosity explore, and snorkel into the Glory Hole. Allow your self to melt into the crystal, become the “object”.

“Fire Workers”:

Jeremy Cline one of the Last Mohicans of glass blowing in San Francisco, creates glass reflective as child¹s eyes, with it¹s brightness/ clarity.

Latchezar Boyadjiev masters the cast glass.

Paul Desomma operates glass as a surgeon, with his tweezers.

Tim Gates-liberates his canvases off gravitation.

Shmulik Krampf Goodman organizes the show.

Jeremy Cline
Shmulik Krampf Goodman
Tim Gates
Latchezar Boyadjiev
Paul Desomma