Ducks in a Row, 2013

April 18, 2013








(A short history of art since Chris Burden has himself shot)

To many the expression ducks in a row simply means to be well organized. To some, though, the image instantly conjures up a row of ducks to be shot.  This group show, featuring artists from Dogpatch and beyond, reviews art history since Chris Burden’s Shoot (1974), and asks a question: How much time is required to understand, underscore, and move on?

The question applies to art as much as to politics, because the two are interrelated. Sure, it’s “just art” – but for the most compelling artists, just art is art that makes justice. (Or is that just a justification?)

What does it mean to see a crime? What are your responsibilities? Do you have a responsibility for the art that you see? Weapons kill. People kill. Words and images kill. And your perception of ducks in a row says a lot about you. In truth, it’s a way of organizing people.

So now: Show me a duck!

Artists include Tony Labat, Joseph DeLappe, Jonathon Keats, Nat Wilson, Marcy Freedman, Mimi Mayer, Adam Gale, Guido Gerlitz, Guy Overfelt, and Yoram Wolberger.

“…to many, the expression “ducks in a row” simply means to be well organized…

However to some, the image instantly conjures up a row of ducks to be shot! Is this a simplified way of highlighting the divide in America over how people view the issue of guns?

Below is a list of artists also intrigued, or inspired to include guns in their words.

– DB Burkeman 2013.

Abramović Marina
Alÿs Francis
Banner Fiona
Baechler Donald
Baldessari John
Barney Matthew
Basquiat Jean-Michel
Berman Wallace
Bickerton Ashley
Bracegirdle Charlotte
Burden Chris
Burroughs William S.
Campbell Scott
Cattelan Maurizio
Celmins Vija
Chapman Jake & Dinos
Cronenberg David
de Saint Phalle Niki
Donwood Stanley
Douglas Emory
Dunham Carroll
Export Valie
Fairey Shepard
Fischl Eric
Furnas Barnaby
Gallagher Ellen
Giger HR
Graham Rodney
Holzer Jenny
Hope 1930 Andy
Hunter Alexis
James Todd
Johanson Chris
Krafft Charles
Kruger Barbara
Lassnig Maria
Lazzarini Robert
Lichtenstein Roy
Lister Anthony
Levinthal David
Longo Robert
Lynch David
Man Ray
Martinez Alfredo
McCarthy Paul
Muniz Vik
Nara Yoshitomo
Nauman Bruce
Neshat Shirin
Oldenburg Claes
Parlá José
Pettibon Raymond
Powers Steven
Prince Richard
Richter Gerhard
Roberts Paul
Rosenquist James
Ruscha Ed
Sachs Tom
Seremetis Kostas
Shonibare MBE Yinka
Simmons Laurie
Turk Gavin
Von Dutch
Warhol Andy
Williams Robert
Williams Sue
Wojnarowicz David
“The great artists of tomorrow will go underground.” – Marcel Duchamp, 1961