April 20, 2013

Janine Gordon: Fuckshitup

Opening August 11—September 1 2001

Refusalon Gallery is pleased to announce the first West Coast solo show of Brooklyn-based artist Janine Gordon. This exhibition, titled Fuckshitup, features large-scale photographs of mosh pits, punks, and fetishism, as well as a series of paintings. Gordon’s work unfolds as a whirlwind of punk rock, sex, and urban decadence.

In her Mosh Pit series, Gordon has captured the intensity and violence that occurs within the center of a mosh pit (often the eye of the storm at punk rock shows). The close contact among the audience members creates a volatile atmosphere that erupts in a frenzied, powerful dance.

Gordon’s images appear to have come more from the battlefield than the dancefloor. The speed and madness of the mooch pit has been frozen long enough to let us witness this brutal and beautiful dance.

Gordon’s paintings are hybrids of 1960s psychedelic posters, graffiti, and urban slang. Bless Me turns the sacred marijuana leaf into a spiritual token; the expression “Eat shit and die” becomes a morbid grin; and “Fuck shit up” (also the title of the exhibition) morphs into a spiraling Ninja blade.

Gordon’s work is currently on view in the exhibition Pollock to Today: Highlights from the Permanent Collection at the Whitney Museum of American Art in New York. She has had solo exhibitions at XL LaBoulbenne (New York), ANP (Antwerp, Belgium), John Gibson Gallery (New York), and White Columns (New York). Her work was featured in the April (2001) issue of Nest magazine, the recently published The New Nude (Nerve Press, 2001), and Male/Female (Aperature, 1999).

Her photos will also appear in the forthcoming film Storytelling directed by Todd Solondz.