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Ducks in a row

is down

(A short history of art since Chris Burden had himself shot)

To many the expression ducks in a row simply means to be well organized. To some, though, the image instantly conjures up a row of ducks to be shot.

This group show, featuring artists from Dogpatch and beyond, reviews art history since Chris Burden’s Shoot (1974)

What does it mean to see a crime, and to keep silence?

Shmulik Krampf at Refusalon organizes Ducks In A Row, below ground at 638 20th Street. Artists include Tony Labat, Joseph Delappe, Jonathon Keats, Nat Wilson, Marcy Freedman, Mimi, Adam Gail, Guido Gerlitz, and Yoram Wolberger.

“The great artists of tomorrow will go underground.” – Marcel Duchamp, 1961


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