molding glass

Glass Vases


   by Zadok Ben David.

Olympics French Cinema & Video Art, 2002

FRENCH CINEMA & VIDEO-ART GO TO THE OLYMPICS February 15 to 21 2002   When Video Meets Films It has been a desire amongst videoegraphers to take part in the cinematography world, this events marks the on going artistic...

The Balloon’s Escape, 2011

The creation of a lifesize glass clown

ARCHIVE: realUNreal, 2003

  “Art itself possesses no type of social impact. It is its contextualisation which gives it its power.” Lucy Lippard   realUNreal is an exhibition of nine curators asked to draw a line between the real and unrea...

Ravel and Unravel, 2005

    by  Desiree Arlette Holman

Pokerface, 2003

by d3ms collaborative

The Color of Palo Alto, (started 2001)

   by Samuel Yates