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    ” Bottle Tree “ by : Charles Linder 14 feet tall, wood, metal. 2012, San Francisco.       One of the ideas behind the piece comes from the dispensable nature of trees – and champagne – bot...
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    JOSEPH DELAPPE Taliban’s hands

    Taliban Hands, 2012 JOSEPH DELAPPE Corrugated Plastic, Polygon Sculpture The hands of a Taliban fighter, as depicted in the controversial Medal of Honor, 2010 (Electronic Arts) first person shooter game were appropriated and re...
  • Yoram Wolberger


      Ducks in a row is down (A short history of art since Chris Burden had himself shot) To many the expression ducks in a row simply means to be well organized. To some, though, the image instantly conjures up a row of ducks...
  • 2014

    SAMUEL YATES / DiRosa – A review

    We returned to the extraordinary installation by Samuel Yates at Di Rosa which was first installed in 1999 to see its transformation over time.  It has become part of the landscape standing tall and adjacent to a Mark di Suver...
  • marriotproject

    THE PROJECT, 2013

      More info coming soon.


    Opening Reception: MAY 3, 2013 6-9 pm
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28th Jan, 6 – 9PM

Cloud Bones A performance by Justin Hoover & Rachel Znerold Installation by Katherine Kazlauskas Sound by Winston Wier\ Cloud Bones A performance by Justin Hoover & Rachel Znerold Installation by Katherine Kazlauskas So...

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Valéry Grancher / Eiffel Tower / human defeating fear

TO ORDER POSTER [email protected] One of the creators of the most recycled imagery online now, The Eiffel Tower, wa...

for your eyes only

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Opening SEPTEMBER 25TH 2015


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coming up; Chris Isner Tamir Karta Katherine Kazlauskas

I realized some time ago that there is no point in caring about what I like or want or feel like doing, so I decided to stop caring. This translates into a lifestyle in which I go where people ask me to go, do what they ask me ...