refusalon 25

                                                refusalon /25

Justin Hoover
Justin Hoover

   “The great artists of tomorrow will go underground”

                                                                                             – Marcel Duchamp, 1961

25 years ago, the first refusalon show, One Night Stand, began a long series of one-night-only exhibitions on Natoma Street.
This limited showing created an I-was-there, an exclusivity. A “in crowd” prestige that generated buzz.

Charles Linder Chris Isner Ella Tideman.
Justin Charles Hoover    Jack Leamy     Yoram Wollberger    Camilla West

check show at facebook

one night event

June 12th 5 PM till 8 PM
At our under ground space
ask for location [email protected]

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Justin Hoover


…Stephen Hawking
spacial transportation and preview, for art fairs visitors
(my scooter) ( my private Tuk Tuk) (helmet at hand)

Yoram Wolberger,  Justin hoover, Jack Leamy,

Sabina Ott, Yin-Ju Chen, Jennifer Locke, and surprise revisit – Toland Grinnell

by appointment

[email protected]

Rejected works from last show, gets thumb’s up at refusalon underground  ungrounded undefeated art space. Be first to view !


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Sabina Ott

Provisional Haven

Provisional Haven

Guest Curator: Anna Novakov

Featuring works by Yin-Ju Chen, Felipe Dulzaides, Ana Teresa Fernandez, Ron Hutt, Jennifer Locke, Sabina Ott, Bijan Yashar and Michelle Wasson.
Due to content, show is in 2 locations; 500 post and LAIR, China Town.

The current San Francisco exhibition, Provisional Haven, contributes to the timely dialogue about technology and alternative art spaces. Provisional, references the current moment and temporary, fleeting sites. Haven suggests that art is a timeless sanctuary and refuge for both artists and viewers. The eight artists in the exhibition all engage with temporary, momentary spaces as well art as a haven for the unbound imagination. Anna Novakov’s curatorial point of view is the continually evolving role of technology and alternative spaces in contemporary art-making.

Sabina’s news congratulation ; News: 2015 Guggenheim Fellows Announced http://artforum.com/news/id=51509

 Yin-Ju Chen – END TRANSMISSION  https://vimeo.com/15338748

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Elizabeth Atjay

The Hunter And The Hunted …“It harrows me with fear and wonder…”

Camilla West, Justin Charles Hoover, Jack Leamy, Gilad Ophir, Elizabeth Atjay, and Alex Bargas

“It harrows me with fear and wonder…”

Camilla West resides in Hamlet’s homeland, enrapturing the observer with her renderings of Danish landscapes. Flowing brushstrokes, swiftness of hand, construction of layered, panoramic scenery and stark aesthetics of steel grey and violet are augmented by bursts of ephemeral yet quieting experiences…

“And every fair from fair sometime declines, / By chance, or nature’s changing course, untrimmed…”

Justin Charles Hoovers‘s large installation, “Shells and Bones,” fashioned out of discarded paper lanterns from San Francisco’s Chinatown, declares that material beauty will inevitably fade. A unique artistic expression is created from what might be viewed as refuse to others.

“So long as men can breathe or eyes can see / So long lives this, and this gives life to me.”

Jack Leamy’s series “The Hunter and Hunted,” comprised of a jarring series of meditators and soldiers on the front lines, transfuses the exhibit’s perspective by juxtaposing political figures in meditation with the hunters they employ.
Gilad Ophir, a photographer who recently showcased his work at the Tate Modern, has described the medium of photography as “the art of everything.” But as voices such Jerry Saltz’s are being censored and silenced by Facebook, we must be reminded of art’s ability to give us life when fear is present and minds are stifled.
Located on the first floor of the J.W. Marriott in Union Square, refusalon is a salon-style examination of issues both within and outside of the art world.

A simultaneous exhibit curated by Anna Novakov, Provisional Haven, will take place on the 21st floor and will emphasize the importance of a temporary space in which artists and viewers alike can safely express themselves by presenting new ideas. Participating artists are Felipe Dulzaides, Yin-Ju Chen, Ana Teresa Fernandez, Ron Hutt, Jennifer Locke, Sabina Ott, Bijan Yashar, and Michelle Wasson.

contact [email protected]

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Opening Reception: Thursday, October 16th 5 30PM – 7 30PM




500 Post St., San Francisco, CA    

Director: Shmulik Krampf

(415) 377-1407

Refusalon gallery is pleased to announce it’s upcoming solo exhibition of photographer Allan Gerson’s work. This exhibition focuses on photographs taken in the Sahara desert, and they are now, in the Royal Collection in Rabat. The photographs are abstracts in color and tone, and at times reminds  one of painting. Refusalon is displaying eighteen prints from the new Sahara series, four from the old Sahara collection and an additional four images from the rain series.

Gerson’s photographs are in the permanent collections of the International Photography Hall of Fame Museum, the University of Mississippi Art Museum and the Morocco Royal Palace in Rabat. Through his profession, Allan was constantly traveling, allowing him a view of the world –as  photographers often do.

DE-LUX(e) is a group exhibition of local and international artists whose work elucidates the concept of the inexplicable attraction between artist and viewer as mediated by the art object. Themes such as freedom of expression, art as media, the culture of silence and the scope of contemporary art on a worldwide and multicultural plane emerge as threads which bind these artists’ work together.

The exhibition’s name plays with the duality of meaning which is extracted from 

de·lux(e): lux (the latin word for light). Or, deluxe, the prior references the immense role of light in art, and how imperative lighting is to the artist. The latter refers to the constant lush nature of the various works, despite their differing mediums and styles.

Through this collection of artists, refusalon aims to embrace the interconnected nature of contemporary life, mechanisms of desire and global events. The ultimate goal is to authenticate the root forces that accumulate and coalesce leading to an artist’s unique creative vision.

Camilla West – scandinavian’s views. Shiri Mordechay – story board / large wall drawing. Jack Leamy – paintings. Pino Signoretto – Glass Food. Maya Smira – space photos. Mie Hørlyck Mogensen – stuffed vinyl pieces. Sandro Chia, Elisabeth Ajtay,and Ron Hutt.




515 Mason Street

Please respond by October 14, 2014


Director: Shmulik Krampf  (415) 377-1407

mail [email protected]

Spacial thanks to curatorial assistance Natalie De La Torre, and PR master Samara Diapoulos 


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Camilla West



October 16th  PM till Dec 24  –  extended!

Allan Gerson

Moroccan’s Sahara Desert, Photography . 



October 16th – till … extended!

 Sandro Chia                         Picking Little Heads

 Camilla West                                Scandinavian’s Scenery

Shiri Mordechay                   Vision Into The Raptures

Jack Leamy                           Meditation paintings

Pino Signoretto                     Food Glass

Maya Smira                          Space Photos        

Mie Hørlyck Mogensen        Stuffed Vinyl Work.

Elisabeth Ajtay                     East West South North

Ron Hutt                               Drawings As Offering

press release 

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VOYEURISTIC VERNACULAR – “vernacular” literally means “of the commonplace,” which … offer a unique voyeuristic snapshot of intimate moments caught long ago .

1990  |  Chris Isner  |  Charles Linder  |  E. Tidemann  |  C. Hengst |   S. Scarboro  |  J. Locke |   Rev. Marko Aaron  |  Presley Kennedy  |  23 Degrees (band) |   Nurse Margot  |   Brother Perkins  | Jimmy Lee  |   Sudduth Kyra Nijinsky |  Dennis Shelden  |  KEVIN SUDEITH  |  KEVIN EVENSEN   |  ADAM QUEST ZO’  |  DIANA BARBEE  |   Katrin Sigurdardott | MICHAEL DAMM |  MICHAEL MOORE  BILL DANIEL   |   CHARLES GOLDMAN |  J. Cline  |  M. Fox  |  BEN BUCHANAN  | Robert Heckes   |  CHERYL MEEKER  |   RIGO  NELSON |  HENDEE  |   DAVID NASH   |  GERHARD NICHOLSON  | DALE CHIHULY |  TIM EVANS |  RODNEY ARTILES  | PATRICK TIERNEY  | Clay Culbert  | RICHARD LODWIG |  URI TZAIG| MARLENE ZULLO |  PAUL BRIDENBAUGH |  Mari Andrews | Rodney Artiles | Heather Bruce  | Tim Evans |  Richard Haden  | Douglass Kerr |  Sam McAfee  |   John Muse |   Bob Ortbal  |  Carla Paganelli  |  Stephanie Syjuco  |  Norma Yorba |  DAVE ARDITO | GAY OUTLAW |   Tal Angel  |  Yasmin Guri |  Tuire Helena |  Hamalainen  |  Ruti Helbetz  |  Yehudit Sasportas |  Nati Shamia-Ophir  |  Nurit Tal-Goldwirth | Galya Uri  | SIMON LEUNG |     Pip Culbert  |  Permi K. Gill |  Amy Berk  | Paul Bridenbaugh  |  Castaneda/Reiman  |  Caroline Clerc |  Ben Dean  |  Cirilo Domine  |  Paul Gasper  |  Neil Grimmer  |  Suzanne Kanatsiz  |   Arnold Kemp | Chris Komater  |  John Muse |  Robert Ortbal  |  Hugh Pocock  | William Radawec  |  Martha Schlitt  | Stacey Vetter  | Megan Wilson  |  Martha Benzing |  Charles LaBelle |  Robert Levine | PHILIP KNOLL  |  JSG Boggs | Orianne Stender   |   Ming Wei Lee   |   Eric Jones  |  Graham Gillmore  |   David Hunt   |  Jill Weinstock /Heather Sparks  |  Toland Grinnell  |  Steve Roden  |  Don Suggs   |  TILO SCHULZ  |  Jeremy Dickinson  |  Gilad Ophir  |  Roi Kuper |  IZHAR PAKTIN  |  Joe Bloggs  |  Paul De Marini  |  Lewis DeSoto Gustavo  |   Dough Harvey  |  Guy Hundree  |  Marie Puck Broodthaer |  Scott Williams  |  Vegar Abeslnas   |   Linda Sandhaus   |   Lesley Ruben Kunda   |    Alexandra Bowes  |   Jonthan Fung  | Brandon Labelle  |   Ati Maier  |  Tom Marioni   |   Steve Roden    Steve Peters  |   Heather Sparks  |  Adam Sinykin  |  Totemplow |  Illana Zuckerman |   Jennifer Davy  |  LARRY ABRAMSON |  Jake  Tilson  |  Herman de Vries   |   CHRIS DRURY  |  SAM YATES |    Marcia Tanner  |   Castaneda/Reiman  |  Mary Tsongas  |  Orly Maiburg  |  Michael Shmir  |  Sono Osato   |  Miriam Cabessa  |  Tsibi Geva  |  Adam Berg  |  Shirley Tse    |    Yehudit Sasportas  |  CONRAD ATKINSON |   MARGARET HARRISON   |  Anna Novakov    |    Zadok Ben-David   |  Terry Berkowitz |   Adam Berg  |   China Blue  |   Paco Cao  |  Nicola Cipani  |  Michael Kessus Gedalyovitch  |  GARY GOLDSTEIN | Cheryl  Meeker  |  Luisa Lambri Horea  |  Jim Lutes   |  Ken Goldberg |  Matmos  |   KimPietrowski |   Lucy Puls  |   Rik Ritchey  |   John Roloff   |  Tony Labat  | Julia Scher |   Reout Shahar   |  Esther Shalev-Gerz  |   Anita Sieff  |   Patricia Tavenner  |    Francesc Torres  |   Leslie Johnson  |   Ange Leccia |   Alfredo Jaar  |   Marie-Ange Guilleminot  |   Didi  Dunphy  |      Jason Byers  |   Evelyne Koeppel |   Pam Davis   |  Alfred Spolter   |  Valery Grancher  |   FX C  |    Thomas Buisseret |   SOL LEWITT  |   Margaret Crane/Jon Winet  |   Guy Over  |   Felt Herman de Cries|     Desiree Holman  |  Shu-Min Lin  |  Sonya R.  |  DAVINA GRUNSTEIN  |  John C. Rogers  |   Jay Evaristo    |   Batlle Alex Kahn  |  Slater Bradley |  Andrew Bennett   |  Paul Kos-Linda Fleming|    Madeline O’Connor |   Renee Shearer   |  Rae Culbert   |  Marcy S. Freedman  |   Sally Elesby  |   Naomi St. Clar  |  Naomie Kremer  a  |  Alen Ozbolt   |  JONATHAN RUNCIO  |   Susannah Hayes   |  John Hoppin    |   Jonathan Hammer |   Bill Fontana |   Christopher O’Conner   |   Helen Mirren |    Will Rogan  |   Matthew Bakkom |  Douglas Ross  |   Elizabeth Saveri  |   Suzanne Stein  |   Julie Deamer | KIM ANNO  |   Keith Boadwee  |   Yauger Williams  |  Tia Factor   |  Katrin Feser  |   Harrell Fletcher  |   Heather Johnson   |  Ted Purves   |  Libby Black |  Erez  Golan |  Rigo 01  |  Matthew Higgs   | Amanda Hughen  |  Jon Rubin   |   JP Villegas  |   Roman Signer  |  Hans Winkler  |   Paul Bridenbaugh  | Pam Davis | Charles Long  |   H C Westermann  |  MEIN KAMPF    MIEN KRAMPF  |  DJ Polywog  |   Lee Walton  |  Yori Levin  |    Silent  Gallery   | Janine Gordon FUCKSHITUP  | YORAM WOLBERGER  | John Slepian | Rebecca Miller  |  Tommy Becker  |  Michael Goedecke & Eric Saks | Chris Perez  |  Geof  Oppenheimer  | Sasha  Baguskas | Sarah Hughes |  Douglas Argue  | Ori Gersht | D3ms | Jeremy Cline | Jess | Brain Goldberg |
2013 | Uri Tzaig | PINO SIGNORETTO |  JOSEPH DELLAPE  |   Tony Labbat  |  Guido Gerlitz  |  Adam Gale   |   Sam Yates  |    NAT WILSON  |   MARCY FREEDMAN  |   Mimi Mayer   | AVI S RAVITZKI  | BEN EINE | STEPHANIE CLOSE | HANH TRAN | TRISTAN CAI | ORLY MAIBERG |  2014 |  SANDRO CHIA | RICK OGINZ | Valery Grancher | Maya Samira | Elisabeth Ajtay |Jamie Mayne | David Kravasales | TAMIR KARTA | Dame Darcy | Yoram Wolberger | Justin hoover | Jack Leamy | Yin-Ju Chen | Jennifer Locke | Toland Grinnell | Felipe Dulzaides | Ana Teresa Fernandez | Ron Hutt, Bijan Yashar | Sabina Ott and Michelle Wasson | Camilla West | Gilad Ophir | Alex Bargas | Mie Hørlyck Mogensen | Shiri Mordechay


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